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Welcome to The Hall of Avatars'. This adition to this site will discuss various aspects of the world around us, the Science Fiction, and The Science Fact, as well as Philosophy and All Other Artistic forms. And The Avatars' will try to keep stuff updated reguarly. You can contribute. You can enlighten others. If You would like to contribute anything to The Hall of Avatars send it to Or The Articles are do to apear shortly.

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Mythical Worlds

By: Judgement Hour, Avatar Of Odin
Augest 8, 1998

So you have been waiting for a long time. Here it is. In todays world of Science Fiction Authors have created worlds so believable that they have developed huge followings. The Worlds created by Master dream weavers such as Gene Roddenberry, Anne McCaffery and the team of Margeret Weiss and Tracy Hickman, and Roger Zelazny to name only a few. People that have created worlds so powerful and, so beleivable, that we become wrapped up in the lives and family of people who were never flesh and blood. They become our friends.

How many of us have cried or felt grief at the death of charecters like Sturm Brightblade, Steel Brightblade, Flint Fireforge, Jadzia Dax, Tash Yar, Tanis Half-Elven, Master Robinton...? The list goes on. The charecters become real, they might not exist in our world. They may not have been born of woman, but they are as real and alive to us as our own families. Did not all of these live in our imaginations. They are as alive as if they had.

What are the criteria of beeing alive? Did they have real friends? Were not all of those that read the books interested in them. Did they not view them at them as friends? Most would say yes, others would take convincing, but the facts are there. They are not truly dead if we remember them.

So if they are not truly dead if we remember them, and all those of us who are fans remember them, then were they alive? Surely they were alive to us all. Which brings us to another question. Is the reasons these authors worlds are so believable because of the people who inhabit them as well as the setting? I believe yes. The authors who have given us such worlds, such universes, such friends, are truly masters. They have reached our hearts and touched our humanity as well as our alieness. When they emphasize the charecterestics of good and bad in other races the analize the very capacity of those who Live in that world but breifly. They touch us. Their worlds are real, the lives they create are real. But we must learn from others the lessons we should have learned from ourselves. Does the term Mythical World really aply? I should think not. When they and their inhabitants are alive to us...then they are real, maybe not our world, but in the space of nourons and synapsis they are real, alive influential. OUR world is a better place becouse we knew them, and their world. We Should thank all of the authors that have touched our minds, hearts, and world. We should thank those who live on in our memory for their sacrafice and friendship.

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