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Do you crave for adventure? Join a new time line that stretches far into the future and into your imagination. A sci-fi rpg list is being made. If you would like to inlist, write to me and tell me the preference for your medium.(e-mail or IRC) I will go for the one with the most votes. Answer the call for glory and honor. Answer the call of life and adventure. Join by mailing me at Will you answer the call? Can you afford not to....... And if you die at least it will be with honor and glory, and not with the spinless cowerdess of hiding in shadows. Join the honored dead.

This is the site I am working on. Sorry Its frames. I am working on this one for fun, and I will I will have it my way so there. nya. Ok now that that is out of the way, lets begin. I will put up an alternate version for all those people that can't see frames in the future. It is the above mentioned games website so don't juge me or the game by it yet. So far all the people we have for the game has wanted e-mail so guess what you get? Ok here is my somewhat less than Awe inspiring game page. Please show mercy on your criticism of the page. I am new at frames. Appocalypse If you want the exact addy its Remeber all that will ya. Have fun and please return.
Copyright (c) 1998 Erick White