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Ten Forward of the USS IceAngel

Sword of Kahless, the first bat'leth

To my Web Site. I am Commander "Gronok" And this is my ship. I always wanted to let others see my Ship. Since I dont have any Digitized pictures of it Im Afraid youll have to use your imagination. It is always a good day to die. Veiw & Drink Whatever you like. Relax, Enjoy, and Since your Host is 3/4 Klingon 1/4 Betazoid keep the fight's to a minimum.(most of our patrons aren't klingon.)

Ok so you want to know exactly what Ten Forward is about. Well what I intended it to do is be a relaxed atmosphere where you can talk about all forms of Science Fiction & Fantasy. So far I havn't gottnen a whole lot back from you as a groop yet. I really want you to write in and let me know whats up. I don't have all the time I used to to work on this so without return info I can't do a whole lot. I encourage any visitors to write in and let me know what you would like to see here in the future. What can I do to better the site? My Hall of Avatar's has still yet to have anyone write in any topic. Without your input this is just another persons interesting hobby that only he sees.

Well I haven't gotten to do much to my pages lately. Sorry I will try and do better.

Need some help! The Hall of Avatars'. This is a discution corner. From articles on your favorite Authors, Painters, Artists. Truely we will include all. Including Science Fiction and Science Fact. Drop on in and see whats new:)

Since I know you just poped in for a look or for a drink Ten Forward is supplying a Chronometer with your local time.

Have a nice day!

If their's not anything you like now, there is a good chance it will be in the future. Remember I can't make this page any better without feedback from you. This Ten Forward is always under construction so It will change.

If You have any questions, coments, just Looking for a fight. (actually Fights/complaints are not all that welcome and Ill probably use you to oil my Bat'leth, but hey its feedback)

Also use this adress to send me pictures that I can legaly put on my sight. Right now, specificaly, Im looking for small Babylon5 pictures. If you would like to see something else send it to me. This is a sci-fi page. Also if you know of any good Ann McCaffrey book pictures I will put them up.

This is My Links page. Transport Station This is where you go for Shore Leave off Ship.

The Iceangel is a one of a kind ship. It has a definate design advantage. A transdimensional field, that basicaly allows it and its multi-racial crew, to travel and exist in either universe. StarTrek And Babylon5

Later I will be adding scetches of this ship and some of my other art work. Anyway hope you enjoy what I have at the moment. Remember it's always under construction:)

Dont assume that this is only Star Trek based. This is for SF and SF-Fantasy.

This is a good site for all on the net that Is Klingon. As you can tell this is one of my favorite sites, After all it is part of my heritage.

This page Last updated on: Saturday August 8, 1998.

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This is the transporter/transport log. How can I tell What youve thought of it if you dont tell me. I know what your thinking. "If he's part betazoid he should know." Well guess what. Im not here all the time. So security details have a regular conniption fit if it doesn't get done.

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You are the th Person to veiw this splendor.
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